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Our Philosophy

One Stop Academy is a comprehensive, open door, one-year program. 

Our mission is to effectively enhance and educate our students in the areas of Barber-Styling and abroad.  Our goal is to enhance the lifelong educational opportunities for adults, and provide a quality of education that is strategically appropriate to their needs, interests and abilities.  The Academy will achieve its mission through a commitment to quality educational programs and student support services that permit individuals to pursue their educational goals in a student-centered environment.  The Academy also seeks to strengthen its mission by providing multicultural, social, economic and community/public service opportunities for the citizens of Cumberland County and surrounding regions.

Our History

One Stop Academy was established through the vision of providing a School for students that would provide education and training on a 360-degree level.  At all times, our focus and goal is to have our student’s future and best interest at heart.  Not only did we want to offer the very best in Barber-Styling training, we also wanted to implement and integrate our training with the latest hair styles and fashions trends of the day and time. In addition to, we wanted to also provide inclusive training on Financial and Money management skills and assist those students through business planning and marketing workshops who would like to potentially own and establish future Barbershops after the completion of our barbering program.


Our Barbering School is a derision from our very first barbershop that was established in 2005.  Its name, One Stop Barbershop.  Our first physical location was in a shed behind the back of our personal residence in Gibson N.C., with one barber.  As business grew, in 2006 we were able to secure a location in the Broad Street Square complex, in Rockingham, N.C.  As business continued to grow, in 2012 we were able to remodel another suite in the same location to allow for additional stations to be available for three barbers and one cosmetologist/natural hair care stylist. In 2017, we were presented with another opportunity to expand our business once again and establish a second location in the Stone Gate Village Shopping Center, located in Raeford, N.C. 


Since we have been in business, we have learned to remain prayerful in our decision making, faithful in consistent and timely operations, and to be diligent with our interaction with our clients and our community.  This lead us to earnestly seek after establishing a barbering school in the Hope Mills and Fayetteville, N.C. We are very pleased to say our vision was able to come to reality with our school officially opening its doors in January of 2018. Our school is located in the Elwood Shopping Center, located at 2653 Hope Mills Road, units 14 & 15, Hope Mills, N.C. 28306, and we are able to enroll at a minimum of 80 students. Not only are we able to provide an opportunity for students to attain a barbering career, we are also able to be of service to the community by offering regular discounts and incentives to our clients who come to our school to support our students by receiving hair cutting and styling services.  Our reputation in the community is one that is strong, consistent and stable. If you, “Give us a year, we will give you a career!"

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