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Welcome to One Stop Academy


Greetings Students,


On behalf of our admissions and staff at One Stop Academy School of Barbering, we are pleased to offer and bring to you an opportunity to have an exciting career as a professional barber-stylist.  Our admissions team thrives on connecting students to viable and potential funding resources as they prepare for enrollment.  At the current time we are offering tuition plans that can be funded by the academy for our students and for those students that qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation services.  Our goal is to not only help you succeed, but to connect our students to resources that will help them to do so. We look forward to meeting with you! 




Ammiel Y. Swinney​

Director of Human Resources and Admissions

To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office:

Days and Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

(910) 229-3677

Most Current Graduation Rate: 100%

Most Current Licensure Rate: 100%

Most Current Placement Rate: 80%

You can also request more information with this form:

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